Sanitizing Systems

For nearly 50 years, the William Marvy Company has been committed to the highest quality sanitizing systems for barbers, beauticians and manicurists. No salon or shop should be without them.

Every Marvy sanitizing jar comes individually boxed in its own full color illustrated package. Each sanitizing jar has a lift assembly made of surgical quality stainless steel, which will never rust or corrode. The lid has an ergonomically shaped knob for easy gripping.

All Mar-V-Cide disinfectant products are produced under our careful supervision. Each Mar-V-Cide disinfectant is EPA registered and approved for sale in all 50 states. The Mar-V-Cide Pedicure Spa Disinfectant Kit contains everything needed to disinfect whirlpool pedicure spas, including a step-by-step instruction sheet, in both Vietnamese and English.

Marvy Steril-Ray sanitizers are available in several sizes: the compact No. 9 Steril-Ray is perfect for manicurists and small shops. The large capacity No. 10 Steril-Ray is our most popular model; and the No. 19 Steril-Ray, for busy shops, uses ultraviolet rays and a heated, timed drying cycle. All Marvy Steril-Ray sanitizers have drop down doors for easy access to implements.